Jim is a common-sense conservative that has championed issues that matter most.


Fixing Our Roads

Ensuring better quality construction and dedicating more money to repairing our deteriorating roads without raising taxes must be a top priority to make travel safer and attract jobs to Michigan.

Limited Government and Taxes

Keeping Michigan’s budget on track and in the black should be a priority for every legislator. Limiting spending and cutting wasteful programs in all areas of government is necessary to balance our budget every year.  Raising taxes is not an option – government must live within its means, just like families are forced to do. That’s why Jim has led the effort to lower taxes during his time in the Michigan House.


Promoting Business and Commerce

Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers through tax credits or regulations that don’t work. As a small business owner, Jim knows the importance of saving money and time. Jim has helped eliminate job-killing regulations and fights any attempt by Lansing bureaucrats to add burdensome rules.

Prioritizing Education

As an educator, Jim knows how important it is to provide quality and efficient services to our kids. As a parent, Jim understands the importance of local control and keeping the government out of decisions that belong to parents and school leaders. As a legislator, Jim has consistently voted to provide schools with the most funding in state history and has opposed Common Core since Day One.


Protecting Our Values

Jim will continue to advocate for the unborn and believes in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. As a proud member of the NRA and a responsible gun owner, Jim strongly supports the 2nd Amendment rights of all Michiganders.